I'm Magic Arm. I was born in Worthing, Sussex and now living in Manchester. I've spent the past two years recording an album in a big old house. My new single 'Put Your Collar Up' is out now on Switchflicker Records.

Listening to:

In the past month I've been listening to Killer Mike 'R.A.P Music', 'Apocalypse' by Bill Calahan and in preparation for Autumn and Winter, Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' by Nigel Kennedy.


Currently reading 'Where did it all go right' by Andrew Collins (I've been reminiscing a lot about childhood recently). Also 'Pro Tools 6' Manual.


A lot of nature and Breaking Bad for the second time.


I like drinking in The Hilary step [located in a quiet suburb of Manchester] and being in The Rainbow Snooker Club or the steam room.



What's great about your city?

All of my daily needs are with-in cycling distance (apart from a beach). And it feels like home.

'Put Your Collar Up' EP by Magic Arm is out now on Switchflicker. You can listen to the lead track here: