We received the cryptic teaser 'Schizophrenia' from B L O O M at the back end of last year. It was a strange one from the newest phenomenon linked to Sways Records, full of psychotic reference and cult like imagery. They've just posted up their debut audio/visual feast, 'Lords', and it certainly continues on from the opener. It's loud and powerful, mysterious and dark… everything you want from a debut track then. We're not sure whether they're a band, a collective, or a side project, so we sent a carrier pigeon to try and shed some light on the situation. Frankly, we're left with more questions than answers.

What are you?

An entity. Lucifer.

Where are you?

Fuel Cafe, Manchester, 15th February.

Listening to?

Hookworms, Pixies, Gogo Penguin, Portishead.


'Ulysses', always. Biocentrism… It argues that sub-atomic particles have no definite position without conscious observation, so the universe effectively disappears every time you blink.


Documentaries about the Cold War, documentaries about the Minutemen, documentaries about Don McCullin. He's a war photographer so it’s full of execution footage and mutilated children. It's a proper first date film.



Going to?

'Curations' at Fuel Cafe, Nuns in the Kitchen, and hell, obviously.

What defines you?

The fucking times we live in, unfortunately. Well, it's a mixture of that, shit tattoos and our communal gait.

What bothers you?

Shit tattoos and communal gaits.

Inspirational people?

Stefan Molyneux.

Final Words?

We're not the answer - we're the problem. Boris' seed splashed over Margaret's bosom. The product of now - disciples to the thrift kings. Spread, undertake, watch… fucking 'do'. Ankles stretched or cross-legged, we're indifferent. Know though, there is only one boat and tickets aren't free forever.

The track is available to pre-order as a limited edition cassette over at swaysrecords.bigcartel.com