We caught up with Stuart Barter of Left With Pictures to grill him 'Artist Pick' style. Read on to find out more about his "Sausage Surprise!". About us: I'm Stuart Barter, and I am part of Left With Pictures. As a band, we've been making classically tinged English Pop in London since 2005. I play guitar, banjo and sing in the band. Listening to: Our tastes as a band are very diverse, but personally I've recently started making a concerted effort to listen to new albums. I went through a phase of only listening to early modern classical music (Ravel, Stravinsky etc), and I still love all that, but sometimes you want to feel at least vaguely up to date. I'm enjoying the Broken Bells album, and on the more hard-edged front, I really like the new records by Sleigh Bells and Crystal Castles. I would love to make music like that - but if we tried - the results would be truly awful! Reading: I'm currently reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie - very good so far. I should tell you (to show off if nothing else) that I just finished 'Ulysses' by James Joyce.... Can't say I understood it all though! Watching: I'm afraid X Factor is a guilty pleasure for me. I used to hate cookery programmes - but now I'm a bit of an addict. Must be getting old... Playing: Tom Walker (LWP Violin/Viola player) and I are currently playing a lot of scrabble. We've had four contests so far and it's all square at two victories each. The next one is crucial. Eating: Although I'm watching lots of cookery programmes - my skills are still weak. In another interview I might, if you're very lucky, reveal my secret "Sausage Surprise" recipe.... Anything else? Vadoinmessico are a VERY good band. If you haven't heard them, listen here http://vadoinmessico.bandcamp.com/, and if you haven't seen them live - DO! Promo info: We've been making a song and video per month this year, and the resulting album is out in February. It's a seasonal album, called In Time, and there is a special "Calendar Edition" (including a 2011 calendar, CD, DVD and poster) of the album.
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