Teleman's lead singer Tom Sanders shares his views on cat fighting, The Groucho Letters, taking his piano cues from Scott Joplin and the dream of a daily curry fix.

The band's latest single 'Cristina' is set to be released on January 14th via the Moshi Moshi Singles Club. The band will follow that up by playing a show at The Waiting Room on February 13th (tickets).

Name:Tom Sanders

About me: Singer in London group Teleman. Born in Reading, England. Previous musical experience. I work well in a team.

Listening to: My neighbour through the wall. You can hear everything. She says she knows all the words to our new songs cos she can hear me singing them. Music wise, I've been listening to Beak>. I saw them live last week. Really great. I met Geoff Barrow and gave him some demos. Would love to work with him.

Reading: In the current pile: Kitchen Garden and Allotment - T. Sanders (not me), The Groucho Letters (funny letters to and from) - Groucho Marx and The Universal Dream Book (no.3) of Dreams and Their Interpretations - Patricia Garfield. This last book is crap but it has a nice cover and it's funny (eg 'Bacon'; 'to dream of eating bacon portends sorrow. To dream of buying it fortells the death of a friend.... etc).

Watching: Cats fighting, trees turning into skeletons, hunch back lady walking past, Nigel Slater's simple suppers, (he and Rick Stein are my favourite TV chefs because they're so calm and happy.) A couple of episodes of Faulty Towers; but mainly waiting for the new series of Game of Thrones.

Playing: Piano mainly (I recently bought a piano for my bedroom). Think Scott Joplin rather than Elton John. Writing on different instruments really changes the way I approach writing a song; if i get stuck on a song, I'll try swapping from guitar to piano for example, and I usually find the solution. Not sure why.

Eating: Curry. I would eat curry every day if I was allowed to. I recently also discovered that making sourdough bread is very easy, so now there's always a loaf to hand. You won't catch me spending £3.49 on a loaf of bread.

Thinking about: Curry.