ATP Festival may be having the worst year ever. After confusion, financial woes, venue changes and event cancellations, ATP Iceland was still a go, with line-up announcements inviting John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi to the festival stage from June 1-3. But now it's being reported that artists are pulling out of the festival.

In past short little while, Múm and Blanck Mass both cancelled their scheduled performances, while Fabio Frizzi announced he was bailing on the event yesterday. "We've made every effort to make this show happen, but unfortunately the lack of communication and the failure to honour any of the agreements that we made with Barry Hogan (ATP), made it impossible for us to perform at this year's ATP Iceland. It is a great shame since as we were very excited about these shows," his spokesperson said.

With only 26 artists listed on the line-up for the three-day event, the day schedules and day tickets have yet to be made available.