It's a start, at least. We shouldn't have to look to "leading creatives" to sign petitions for us to protect us from the governments of the world. We should think for ourselves, make our own petitions. But nobody's gonna wanna sign my petition. Or my next-door neighbour's. That's the problem: getting people to stand up in the first place and say actually this is shady shit can you please stop. Because it is so public, a cynical view could be taken that this is a good chance to get into the public eye by name-checking yourself with a noble cause, which as we all know adds Instant Karmic Value to any celebrity / known-figure's life.

However, let us try not to be cynical (I apologise for appearing so). It is a good cause. It's a public statement written up for the Courage Foundation and it goes like this:

We stand in support of those fearless whistleblowers and publishers who risk their lives and careers to stand up for truth and justice. Thanks to the courage of sources like Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, and Edward Snowden, the public can finally see for themselves the war crimes, corruption, mass surveillance, and abuses of power of the U.S. government and other governments around the world. WikiLeaks is essential for its fearless dedication in defending these sources and publishing their truths. These bold and courageous acts spark accountability, can transform governments, and ultimately make the world a better place.

Who's signed this already? A number of artists and makers, including M.I.A, Thurston Moore, Moby, Vivienne Westwood and PJ Harvey.

It's mainly in support of Edward Snowden, the most public of all whistleblowers, who let us know that the NSA and GCHQ were doing a wee bit o' spying on us all. Courage Foundation "raises funds for the legal and public defence of those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record" and as such is providing Mr. Snowden with monies for legal and public things.

Are we actually allowed to sign this though? I'd like to put my name to it. For now, you can see what you can do on Courage Foundation's "Take Action" page.

Tom Morello said Edward Snowden was a hero so let's listen to some Rage Against The Machine and… yeah, rage against it all. YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE.