Once again duty calls to journey down to the heart of London to visit the venue that is the XOYO and into the colon of central London which is Shoreditch. And when you get to see a band that take influences from Nick Cave, Joy Division and has hands the size of John McCains hate for the Vietnamese race you know its going to be a good night. -by the way that's O. Children I was talking about. He has fucking huge hands. After a small mishap of being 'misplaced' on the list I finally descend into the crammed basement begrudgingly as I miss the last of the John & Jehn set- sorry guys I owe you one. I'm not going to lie I was put out missing the minimalistic guitars and ghostlike vocals that are John & Jehn. But after a small intermezzo of the Artrockers DJ set I was soon in high spirits once more. The lights dim again and the dapper looking Chapman Family walk centre stage. He thanks the crowd for coming and apologises for being "a dirty fucking northerner." The crowd promptly forgive him and a warm, heavy bass line is met to their response. -Note to reader- I'm not really a fan of the Chapman Family, I disagree with the morals of the band. If you're going to be depressing and macabre please, please, please don't sing like you do. It's not depressing, it doesn't follow suit. . However, ignoring my italic rant, I was impressed. Live they have a certain grittiness lost in recording and after a few stage antics from Kingsley Chapman (trying to swallow the mic- attempting to hang himself with the leads in a masochistic trance,) I was prepared to give them just one more chance. I did. They blew it. But they were definitely a decent band to see live. Go on splash out. O. Children were ready. The mic stand already looking like its in competition with the Tower of Babel is just lifted that little higher and the towering Tobi O'Kandi glides on stage. He speaks softly and eloquently thanking the crowd and the previous acts. They warm themselves up and they blast the audience with the well loved song Malo. The whole set is picture perfect tune after tune. You cant help but notice however how Tobi O'Kandi undertakes a metamorphosis into some strange noir alter ego. When he starts his voice resonates with soul. Further into the set however he descends deeper and deeper his voice going lower and lower- and then he snaps. He has become this dark baritone giving every lyric an edge that echoes of the chasm created in your head. Your in a trance and he's preaching. He lifts his arms and every song is a new sermon of penance and macabre parables. Mid set they announce the upcoming new single PT Cruiser. It's funky and rock and roll but the sound is perfectly preserved and is a must buy for any fans as soon as it is released. Alas the time had come though for them to wrap up. They boom goodbye, play their dutiful encore of Smile and Ace Breast and sadly leave the crowd to dispense out into the dark after playing them the soundtrack for it- Leaving me and my comrade to commute home and F5 4chan till the early morn.