Artwork. Packaging. Covers. Here is a little tribute to inspiring images that make you pick stuff up and give someone money for it. Three lovely people (well, four technically) shared their favourites with us; the images and covers that really mean something to them.
Sonic Cathedral
dazzle ships - omd
I've recently rediscovered this album and picked up a vinyl copy for £1. Not only is the music great, but the artwork is incredible. I love anything by Peter Saville. I'm obsessed with all the factory stuff, but I loved this one as a kid; it has the cool camouflage pattern on the front, and on the inside the inner sleeve slides out revealing the time zones of the world as it does so. You don't get that tactile experience with iTunes or Spotify do you?
The psychedelic sounds of the 13th floor elevators
It looks incredible now, so goodness knows what it looked like back in 1966; at a guess probably alien and scary but also beautiful and mind-blowing - much like the Elevators' music. Such is its iconic power I *ahem* appropriated this design for the cover of my Roky Erickson tribute album which came out earlier this year.
Jen Long
Summer Camp
Photobucket When we were kids we both loved going on holiday since our parents would let us buy cereal selection boxes, where you'd get about 8 mini packs of different cereals. The best thing was being abroad and trying all the different types of cereal out and also seeing how odd some of the packaging was. Here are a few choice examples.
Dr. Spock one -
We like the idea that Dr. Spock is about to shoot "space energy" - AKA sugar - into little kids, thus imbuing them with the ability to live and work on a space craft orbiting the earth. That's what they mean right? We also enjoy the fact that Spock appears to be wearing eyeshadow.
Sugar Krinkles -
A few things here. It's always weird when a clown's face is white, but their hands are normal colour. Surely they could have just painted him wearing gloves? Also, why is his little finger pointing out like he's a character in an Oscar Wilde play sipping tea? More importantly, this is clearly an original prototype clown for Krusty from The Simpsons - they're called Krinkles ffs. Can we get some sort of royalty for discovering this?
Collage - All of these are completely mental. 'Quisp'? Is that someone with a lisp saying crisp? Our favourite is King Vitaman, as he has selflessly given away his royal racing coach inside the box.
Has this inspired you? Take a picture and link us to it in the comments!