The first piece of new music to be released by Norwegian electro-ingénue ARY since her 2015 smash 'Higher' has been chosen to soundtrack Norway's latest blockbuster TV drama production, Nobel.

Entitled 'The Sea', it's an intriguing deep sea dive that conjures up the most fantastical images of dark prowling predators and gossamer water sprites, entangled in an underwater game of hide and seek, set in a dreamy seascape.

The song was picked up for 'Nobel' by Norwegian production company, Monster Scripted, whose CEO, Håkon Briseid, is also the show's producer. Speaking of the track Briseid explained: "We wanted a unique musical signature for the series. Something that would stand out both in Norway and internationally."

With the potential to be one of Norway's most successful TV exports to-date, and with its rights already picked up by several US and European TV channels, this big budget, high drama production Nobel, is set to bring ARY's music into millions of homes.

The storyline follows Lieutenant Erling Riiser who, following his return home to Norway after his involvement in a special mission in Afghanistan, becomes the unwitting pawn in a major political game which puts not just Norway, but Riiser's family in grave danger. Nobel, the tag for which is "Peace. At any cost", is set to be yet another massive Scandi TV export on the scale of Danish political superhit, Borgen.

The 405 caught up with ARY after her packed out appearance at the recent Øyafestivalen when she revealed her exciting news.

"One of my songs has ended up on a TV series called 'Nobel. It's about a Norwegian travelling down to Afghanistan during the war. I've seen the first episode and it's really good. I'm really proud that 'The Sea' is featured on it. I wrote it about two, two and half years ago and, actually, it's one of the few of my earlier songs that I still play live, and the only really calm song on the set-list.

My management team were involved in getting the song sampled by Monster Scripted the production company who made the 'Nobel' series: the process was literally as simple as that. I'm super proud that 'The Sea' has been picked as the series' theme music and really excited that it has been used for the series teaser as well."

'The Sea' is one of two tracks which ARY is due to release this fall. The second (which we are under strict orders not to disclose) is an altogether lighter affair, a counter if you like, to this slow and sublime dark dirge.

While 'The Sea' wasn't written exclusively for the new TV series, it most certainly fits this sombre slightly chilling intrigue like a glove. An intense and terse affair, it cleverly places spacious, lumbering synth bass lines as a backdrop to bubbling spirals of electronic sounds that light up the oceanic darkness of the track like twinkling underwater stars. Ebbing and flowing over this synth-fuelled tide is the enchanting voice of ARY, as beguiling and alluring as the Sirens of yesteryear myths. ARY has such a fantastically easy way of twisting and turning her vocal, which she offers up with graceful charm glossed with an idiosyncratic hint of diablerie that is both convincing and captivating.

But what about some 'what's it all about?' background or context to the song?

"I'm not a big fan of artists talking too much about their music because I think words always fall short when it comes to music. You can hear the music yourself. I think it's easier for me to connect with music when I can connect it to my own experiences instead of imagining how the artist felt etc. Plus I think it's more interesting to feel it myself. I don't want to ruin it. I don't want to spoil anything (for the listeners)."

We saw ARY sing this song live at Øya and her performance was mesmerism mixed with mischief. Today, we're delighted to bring you the worldwide premiere of ARY's new single, 'The Sea' here in full on The 405. Be prepared to be bewitched, even if it's at 40,000 leagues under the sea with a disappearing water nymph!