Coming off their acclaimed 2016 debut Vaporwave, the Washington D.C. quintet Color Palette is gearing up to release its second LP in 2019. But first some singles are in order, including 'Sunburn,' premiering today via The 405.

'Sunburn' excels largely in the mood it sets, as the track itself feels kind of like a sunset, just about to fall beneath the horizon. The song also serves as a musical evolution for Color Palette. While the group has been called "electro-rock" and variations on that theme, 'Sunburn' finds the band taking a more atmospheric approach, reminiscent of White Lies. The electronics are there, as is a shredding guitar solo, but the guitars largely jangle while the vocals float above the mix. The experience leaves you yearn for the summer nights that are just fading out of view.

Check out Color Palette's 'Sunburn' above and keep your eyes peeled for more music from these guys soon. And check out 2016's Vaporwave if you haven't heard it already. Find out what you've been missing out on.