Asher Levitas of Old Apparatus and Saa fame has given Fanfarlo's track 'Let's Go Extinct' a killer remix. Levitas is both a friend and a fan of Fanfarlo's, so it was really only a matter of time before this happened, and we're all much better off for it. The track is from Levitas' forthcoming project Penny, who has an EP coming out on March 17th. Penny is a collaboration between Levitas and writer/artist Michael Crowe. It pulls together elements of acid house, spectral R&B, and even some light-hearted industrial mashed with influences from his previous projects, Old Apparatus and Saa.

Penny's EP will be the first to be released on Overshare Records, who will also be overseeing the release of Saa's new album in addition to various audiobooks, a conversation series, self review cassettes, and much more. Listen to the 'Let's Go Extinct' remix below and check out the teaser trailer for the EP by heading here.