Asher Roth, him of loving college fame, has already started throwing out plenty of tracks from his second album Retro Hash to satiate those that have been waiting for a full length album since his debut back in 2009. The most recent cut sees the Pennsylvania rapper team up with rising Chicago star Vic Mensa on 'Fast Life'.

The track features two stories of people who've been swept away but this "fast life". Roth focuses on the story of a girl who lost her way in life, with no support to help her out, so is taken along in this life that will eventually catch up with her. Mensa keeps things more personal, his verse focusing on his experiences within the music industry and getting where he is today. All of this is accompanied by a laid back beat and some delicate horns; not quite the upbeat, often chaotic, side of Roth we are used to.

Stream 'Fast Life' here.

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