On her website over the weekend, Alanis Morissette announced that she'll be writing an advice column for the Guardian Weekend magazine, beginning January 16. Calling upon her "background, training, education and fiery passion for feminine empowerment," Alanis is ready to listen to your problems through her virtual shrink couch and make everything better. After all, it's Alanis, how could she not?

"Alanis feels quite at home in this role, with having contributed her writing to a variety of outlets and forums over the years, leading workshops, giving thoughtful and highly regarded keynote talks ‎worldwide as well as being in the midst of writing a healing and transformation-oriented book which includes stories and topics ranging from eating disorder, addiction and trauma recovery, relationships, spirituality, feminism, physical wellness and social commentary," the site's announcement declared.

Questions for the Ask Alanis column can be submitted to the Canadian artist by emailing ask.alanis@theguardian.com.