Label: Polyvinyl | One Little Indian | Reservoir Release date: 07/12/09 Website: Bells ring and chime as you are introduced to the weird and wonderful world of Brooklyn’s Asobi Seksu. Undecipherable vocals covered by a variety of synths and effects all add to the wonderful shoegaze atmosphere conjured up by Layers. Of course, Asobi Seksu make sure the song title is relevant with each listen bringing extra delight to your ears allowing you to discover more and more every time. 'Layers' is a breathtaking, slow-burning piece that places you right in the middle of a snow-covered winter’s day. Recalling the likes of twee-poppers Slow Club and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, the band use a range of effects to soundtrack their dreamy pop. They’re also not afraid to turn the amps up when the need arises; the track could easily have been recorded in Oxford circa 1992 - when the likes of Ride and Chapterhouse looked set to take over the indie world. Emotionally powerful and uniquely captivating; I still don’t understand a word front-woman Yuki Chikudate sings. Not that this matters with the light and high-pitched vocals complementing the floating pop so perfectly. The words Asobi Seksu may translate as ‘casual sex’, but there’s nothing hollow about ‘Layers’. Rating 8/10