ASOS have teamed up with London purveyors of fun funk JUCE for 'Colour Control', a unique video experience that shows off a multi-coloured sense of interactivity. What that means is you can literally choose the colour, or rather the pallette, of the video. Do you HATE RED? CAUSE I DO (not really but). So I changed it to green and everything was better. You can do this by clicking the lil rectangles of colour down the bottom of the video.

But what's really interesting is that things (by which I mean clothes, mainly) in the video don't just change colour, it's not just the same outfits but in different shades or whatever – it really shows the styles that fashion-forward retailer ASOS have got going on. And when combined with the disco-leaning boogie of JUCE (a stylish trio themselves) and their track 'The Heat', everything looks even more sharp. Sharp and smooth at the same time.

Here's hoping for more of this coolness from ASOS on YouTube – but in the meantime, there's always ASOS itself. You could wear a literal rainbow out every day.