At the end of January it seemed as though Jay Z would be purchasing Swedish music streaming company, Aspiro, muscling in on this now definite trend in the consumption of music. However, it now turns out that Aspiro's minority shareholders are blocking the bid; they've questioned the valuation and the amount of money the rapper would bring for the company's international expansion.

Sune Karlsson, the chairman of the shareholder's equity association, Aspiro Power, told business paper Dagens Industri about the block. "We will recommend our members say no to the offer," he said. "We have accumulated more than 10 percent of the owners, which is enough to block it." However, prior to this, Aspiro's board of directors had unanimously recommended the deal.

The bid expires on 11th March, in which time the shareholders will be engaging in talks with Jay Z to negotiate better terms. Just another 1 of 99 problems that I'm sure he's got 'cause he said so that one time.

UPDATE: Speaking to The Next Web, chairman of Aspiro's independent board committee, Fredrik Bjørland, raised concern at blocking the bid:

"In my opinion, the recommendation to not accept the offer involves high risk, as it is well known that Aspiro is currently unprofitable and in need of capital within 12 months, and the current majority shareholder has indicated it is not willing to support this capital need. We thus believe accepting a 60% bid premium is a far better risk/reward recommendation."