It’s easy to write off a single for aping its predecessors. Minnesota’s Astralblak instead throw so many fond inspirational memories at you, you can’t help but to give up trying to keep up and simply enjoy the track. Having rebranded after 2016’s phenomenal What’s The Price, the sextet are are keeping drum machines tighter, vocal duties more diversified, and grooves simpler. The backdrop for 'Keep It Movin' is as mellow as it is psychedelic, with a pop verse coolly inviting you in before it’s hook drops a swampy-as-hell bassline into the mix.

Compared to much of Minnesota’s aging hip hop scene, Astralblak piece together music that’s much more digestible - which is to say they know how to throw a party as well as write a catchy tune. The band lean on hip hop and R&B tropes, but only borrow from each genre exactly what’s necessary. By the time the 4-minute funk fest is over, you’ll wish the full length Seeds was out much earlier than November 23rd.

Astralblak's new album Seeds is out November 23rd via Sound Verite. Keep up to date with them on their Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.