Singer/songwriter Summerella first came to public attention through her hilarious Vine skits but nowadays it's her music taking centre stage, and with songs such as 'Pull Up' making the rounds, you'll immediately understand why she's deciding to switch lanes. The guitar-led, minimalistic production makes way for Summerella's stunning vocal abilities to take hold, leaving us with a stunner of a track.

"When I wrote 'Pull Up' I was basically thinking about my boo and wanting that person to pull up," she told us via email. "We all have someone we'd like to pull up when you lonely bored or just want some company."

Where do you find inspiration?

Hmmmm, I would have to say Queen Bey aka Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. She's totally incredible in what she does and has earned her spot in being The Queen of Music! To me, no one tops her work ethic or talent.

What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?

That's kind of a weird question because everything I do I go about it as though I won't fail.

When was the last time you tried something new?

Actually I'm in New Orleans, Lousiana for the Essence Feastival and I just tried raw oysters for the first time and let's just say it was bit too slimmy for me plus... I didn't find a pearl. Yeah, so I won't be eating any more of those!

'Pull Up' is available as a free download via Summerella's SoundCloud page.