Atlas are a Leeds-based electronic trio featuring densely woven electronics as produced by Luke Fantom and Rem Sutton, with the added suave, cut-up vox of Emily Harris that do some wondrous things.

'Feel Me'/'Don't Explain' is the first ever release on new imprint COJA Records, with 'Don't Explain' here home to nuanced dance-floor grooves in a cushioned headspace, a bit like floating in a disco spaceship whilst viewing the Earth. Possibly. The 12" contains a remix from 405-fav The Soft of Ceremony Recordings, with Luvian and remix-master Bam Spacey contributing downloadable reworkings. Be sure to check out 'Feel Me' too

It's out now to download and to buy on limited edition vinyl (300 copes folks). Order from COJA Records now.