PARKER, a 21-year-old musician based out of Hackney, has made enormous sacrifices to get where she is today. She said goodbye to her family and bought a one-way ticket out of Australia. She's worked arduous shifts with shitty hours, trying to earn her way to some measure of success. And what's more, her music is pretty damn good. Few people deserve to be getting attention more than PARKER and her latest single, 'Doubles' is the proof.

The track thrives on its moody atmospherics, which form around the pulsing synths and PARKER's ethereal voice. The song walks that fine-line between being a spacey, hazy song you want to chill out to and something darkly danceable, like Joy Division.

According to PARKER, 'Doubles' was inspired by her move away from Australia.

"I wrote 'Doubles' a year or two ago and co-produced it with Rupert Lyddon," says PARKER. "It’s essentially a song about feeling insane and all the juxtaposing and confusing thoughts that come with that. Specifically, all the insecurity and guilt I’ve felt about leaving my family in Australia to move to London to chase a dream with no guarantees of succeeding."

Check out 'Doubles' below and keep a look out for more from PARKER. She'll definitely be one to watch.