Oyster Kids have become one of the most exciting indie pop projects to pop up out of Los Angeles in recent memory. Strong grooves, atmospheric production and earworm melodies are their trademark, and new single 'Losing My Mind' continues the band's long winning streak.

Featuring lush and layered instrumentation, 'Losing My Mind' sets a compelling mood for a song heavy with existential worry. "I'm losing my mind, sings multi-instrumentalist Andrew Eapen, "Wonder just how we wasted all our lives."

According to Eapen, 'Losing My Mind' is "about doubting yourself. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and start to overthink everything. It turns into focusing on my flaws, and it becomes harder to see outside of that. This song is about the feeling of hopelessness and how its difficult to get out of that mindset."

You can check out the video for 'Losing My Mind' up above or stream the song down below. And be on the look for an EP from Oyster Kids later in 2019.