Welcome to the final part of our massive ATP Label Profile and interview with Barry Hogan. This is also the penultimate part of the ATP Takeover Week (details heree), with a playlist by the amazing Sleepy Sun coming up later to finish things off. We'd just like to thank the wonderful people over at ATP for all their help this week, and their patience considering they're putting on a festival this weekend. We've had a lot of fun and hopefully all you lot have enjoyed it too. Here's to another 10 years! Why start a record label? At first it began as a promotional idea so we could promote the festivals by doing compilations of artists performing at the festival. It would raise awareness of lesser known acts and also promote the bands and the actual event. The first release did really well so it encouraged us to do more of them. What prompted you to make the move from ATP compilations to actual releases? The first non-comp release was by this Californian Chamber orchestra called Threnody Ensemble. I discovered their record when booking them for the Shellac curated ATP and was blown away by the music. It was really different and pretty avant garde compared to a lot of the artists we were working with. The record is called Timbre Hollow and was recorded by Brian Paulson who recorded Slint's Spiderland. That inspired me to release that but it was only meant to be a one off amongst the comp and then it all started as Bardo Pond approached me looking to move to a new home. They had made many great records for Matador and I think that relationship had come to an end and both parties were looking to move on and Michael Gibbons from Bardo asked me if we were interested in releasing On The Ellipse which is one of my favourite of all the Bardo records. It's between that and Lapsed. But as we released records new artists approached us and I guess we got the taste for putting stuff out. Our output isn't huge but we are proud of all the acts we have signed from the likes of The Magic Band to Built To Spill to Fuck Buttons and Autolux. I guess it's quality over quantity! How do you choose who to release? Which of the ATP releases is your personal favourite, and who/what would you love to release given the chance? We go after acts we feel really passionate about. One of my favourite releases is Jackie-O Motherfuckers wow/magick fire musik - which is an incredible record. They were a nightmare to deal with but the music is so compelling. But there is a lot to choose from - ones that stand out have to be Gala Mill by The Drones, Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons and Transit Transit by Autolux. I really love the ‘Custom Made’ idea. How did those releases go down? What was your favourite track for each of the aspects? (old, new, borrowed and blue) Yeah they are nice limited releases, the first 100 are silk screened limited editions and each one is a double 7 inch with four tracks. We have so far released them by The Drones, Alexander Tucker and Deerhoof and I wanted to start a curator series where we have artists who have previously curated ATP take part. I think for something Blue - I would pick the Drones - 'Shark Fin Blues' - that's the first thing I heard by them and as David Yow said when he heard it - you will be floored as it's a powerhouse of a track that will remain with you forever. Something Borrowed can be a cover (or even a remix like Deerhoof did), but I guess if I had to pick a favourite it would also be from the same Drones CM release - covering Charles Aznavour with the track 'I Drink'. For something Old I'll choose 'Phantom Rings' by Alexander Tucker - the 4 track drone maestro, he did the art for this release like all his releases and his hand drawn illustrations are really beautiful. For something New - I would pick Deerhoof's new take of 'Makko Shobu' which is originally found on the b-side of 'Matchbook Seeks Maniac' single from Friend Opportunity. I love the fact that Deerhoof consistently release amazing records and get better every time I see them live. How do you keep up to date / discover new bands? What new bands are floating your boat at the moment? I guess the old fashioned way of buying records and friends recommending stuff as well as our staff who always discover great new music. Plus we do have various folks sending us stuff in. What are your thoughts on the current vinyl revival? Do you prefer to release on CD or LP? LP over CD without question, it not only sounds better but having an LP in your hands feels like a great piece of art. A CD is convenient but doesn't sound as or look as good. Are there any new releases in the pipeline? Yes we have a limited edition reissue of 'Milkman' by Deerhoof on white vinyl to coincide with them performing the LP in its entirety when they support The Flaming Lips on July 1st at Alexandra Palace. We also have a new picture disc single, 'Behold a Marvel in the Darkness' by Deerhoof taken from their new LP Deerhoof Vs Evil - have you heard that record? It's amazing, I would say it's my favourite one since Milkman in fact. I do love the others too but those two stand out the most for me. We are in the process of signing a couple of acts but as it's not a done deal, you'll need to get me really drunk to tell you who they are! What are your plans for the label? Where does it go from here? We want to keep the roster small so we can dedicate as much time to each artists and release and help them develop but also give them the creative freedom they seek. I think if we have too many acts on the label - things will get diluted and we really love all the artists we have and want to continue working with them on all their future releases. A huge thanks goes out to Geoff Morey who helped Hannah Morgan with the interview