Welcome to the ATP takeover of the 405. We at All Tomorrow's Parties are the guest hosts for this week and we are preparing for this weekends ATP festival. As you may be aware All Tomorrow's Parties is a music festival in the UK and US and we also host events such as Don't Look Back that presents classic albums performed in their entirety and we have a record label ATP/R that is the home to acts such as Fuck Buttons, Autolux, Deerhoof and Built To Spill. This week we will go into detail on what we are about, hope to achieve in the future, amongst a host of other hot topics such as why is this forthcoming edition the last Spring ATP for the foreseeable future, and we will be having selections by former curators, current ATP recording artists as well an interview with Animal Collective who curate this weekends ATP in Minehead. Thanks to the 405 for letting us invade your computer this week. Cheers, Barry ATP
To celebrate the Animal Collective curated ATP Festival happening this weekend (details here) ATP put together two stunning Mixtapes, featuring music from many of the artists picked by Animal Collective. For a full tracklisting, please click here!