Paying for a festival ticket and then affording food and drinks on site is pricey enough but at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore over the weekend, attendees had an added expense: the security. According to numerous people who arrived at the music festival, security guards hired to work the weekend threatened to kick them out of the festival if they didn't pay them. That's extortion.

The reports surfaced on the festival Facebook group when an attendee claimed that two security guards threatened to cut off his wristband if he didn't pay them $20.

Another attendee named Kadeem Kirton had a similar experience: "Some friends and I entered the festival," he told Magnetic Magazine. "They wanted to show me this cool spot, and as we got over there we noticed some security tailing us. We sat inside the little woven huts where groups of people were smoking, and the security tapped us and told us to give them $20 or any drugs we had in order to stay in the festival. Then they proceeded to do it to everyone else there." Jerks.