Nestled in the centre of Scandinavia is Sweden, home to IKEA, Eurovision 2013 and Björn Borg. It ranks highest amongst many quality of life indicators - it's famed for standards of health, education and commitment to the environment - and was recently touted by The Economist as the 'best governed country in the world'. It also boasts one of the richest European cultures, especially in terms of music. Puts us Brits to shame, doesn't it?

Obviously, there's 70s eurodisco icons ABBA. It's entirely possible that no one prior or since has matched their innate knack for pop melodies and group harmonies - there's a reason they still retain so many album sales records. There's also Europe - 80s hair metallers, famous for 'The Final Countdown'. There's Roxette, Eagle Eye Cherry, Basshunter, Robyn, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Neneh Cherry, The Cardigans... The Wannadies ('Me + You Song', anyone?)... There are few countries that can match Sweden for quality of pop - the Nordic nation has routinely and relentlessly spouted music that storms charts and rakes in the dollar.

Sweden also boasts a pretty successful death metal scene, with titans of the genre such as Meshuggah and Opeth calling the country home. In Flames, Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy are also heavyweight names in the scene, and many jaw-dropping axe talents have been bred there, like Yngwie Malmsteen, one of the most technically brilliant guitarists in the world.

If there's one city that has really helped put Sweden on the sonic map, then that's Gothenburg. José Gonzalez, Air France, El Perro Del Mar, Anna von Hausswolff, The Crazy Frog(!?), Jens Lenkman, Little Dragon and jj are all exports of the city - most of which are or have been tipped for pretty great things (guess which one isn't). Another native of the picturesque metropolis are comeback kings, The Knife, whose recent LP Shaking The Habitual was described by us as "Still unconventional and still brilliant, [they] may be sharing more with us than ever before, but you can't help but feel there is so much left to discover. Sheer genius."

Of course, Gothenburg isn't the only cultural hotspot. Other areas of Sweden have produced acts like the chart-attacking Robyn, electro producer Kleerup, BBC Sound Of... contender Niki & The Dove, whistle fanatics Peter, Bjorn and John, folk outfit First Aid Kit, 00s rockers The Hives, and indie songstress Lykke Li. One prevalent strain that is visible in almost every major Swedish artist is their fondness of synthesisers - there's many synthpop, electronica and dance acts to be discovered within the borders. There are exceptions, but from ABBA to Opeth, there's an abundance of synthetic keys.

Sweden has unleashed many legendary, genre-bending and revolutionary musicians onto the world - but that by no means indicates that the well is running dry. Say Lou Lou and NONONO are but two examples of the calibre of sound floating around at the moment, pressing for time in the spotlight. Sweden's left an unmistakable impression on the world of pop, and the legacy is continuing before our very ears.