"I'm With the Band..."

If there's one signature music-related fashion item, it's the band t-shirt. I'd say we all own at least one, whether it be a souvenir from a gig, or an overpriced buy from Camden Market. The way in which a band shirt is worn is somewhat of a marker to how much of a ‘music-lover’ the wearer really is. You see a middle aged man wearing a Rolling Stones shirt and you can assume he can name (and at least hum) a song or two. You see a 14 year old girl wearing a hoodie with the Rolling Stones logo picked out in diamante across the back, and I think you can safely assume it wasn’t an all-consuming love of the band that drove her to that purchase. (It's okay for me to say this, I was that girl!)

But there are band shirts, and there are band shirts. The ones you wear because you genuinely love the band, and the ones you buy from Topshop because that look is in right now. High Street culprits are usually logos you’d recognise if you knew the band or not, namely the signature lick of The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols... they’re pretty much all there.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the obvious in fashion; a square printed logo on a t-shirt has clearly had little to no thought put into it, and is more of a statement to show how awesome you want other people to think you are for knowing the band, rather than displaying an appreciation for their music. In all fairness, I may be over-thinking this somewhat, (I do have a tendency to do that over clothes ...) but I'd rather go for a more subtle approach: you like The Doors? Great. But there’s no need to write that across your chest, a photo of Jim Morrison (he is quite lovely, after all) spreads the same message, but in a far cooler way.

The main thing to remember is that a band shirt is not just a logo, you shouldn't look like a walking billboard - a band shirt is an item of clothing; and it should look that way. There's a Radiohead shirt currently that instead of having ‘I really really REALLY like Radiohead’ (or a logo to that effect) emblazoned on it, it has lyrics. A shirt should look like a shirt, not a poster. Enough said.

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