Audrey Air is onto something.

The New Yorker premiered her debut single 'Strawberry Syrup Sixteens' with us some six months ago. Now, the almost-19-year-old is back with the stunning 'Night Terror' which continues her alt-pop journey to greatness. It's delicate, sure, but packs enough of a punch to leave a lasting impression.

"'Night Terror' is about the limerent hope that often accompanies the night and the frustration of not being able to sleep because you're thinking about someone or something from the past," Audrey revealed to us via email. "It's a song I wrote when I got tired of missing someone and decided to write about them instead. Turning my emotions into dramatic pop songs has always been a successful coping mechanism for me. I'm hoping some people play this song on repeat when they're missing someone, or can't sleep, and maybe feel a little bit less alone."

'Night Terror' is available now on iTunes and all good digital platforms.