19-year-old Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes aka AURORA has announced her debut album, the well titled All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. It's scheduled for release on 11th March via Decca/Petroleum/Glassnote Records; you can pre-order it here. Check out the album tracklist at the end of this post.

"It is so much more satisfying to make an album than one song at a time," says Aksnes in a press release. "One song is only a chapter and the album is the book. I’m very excited to release this one, my first, and I’m already starting to plan my second. This album is the first of many, and it’s been a journey making it."

Watch an illuminating mini-documentary about AURORA, Into The Light, below.

Read our interview with AURORA.

  • All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend tracklist:
  • 1.Runaway
  • 2.Conqueror
  • 3.Running With Wolves
  • 4.Lucky
  • 5.Winter Bird
  • 6.I went Too Far
  • 7.Through The Eyes Of A Child
  • 8.Warrior
  • 9.Murder
  • 10.Home
  • 11.Under The Water
  • 12.Black Water Lilies