AURORA has released a spirited new single titled ‘The Seed’ and has also announced the second leg of her new album project, A Different Kind of Human. Based on a Native American proverb “you cannot eat money, oh no”, it is another epic ode to Mother Nature as this young songwriter warns of our inevitable demise where the forests are barren and the rivers run with poison. It may sound bleak, but thanks to stirring tribal drums and an angelic vocal delivery 'The Seed' is an exquisite example of anthemic scandi-pop.

The recently announced album is the second part to last year’s critically acclaimed Infections of a Different Kind and is described as a “cry for mother earth”. Becoming a self-appointed torchbearer for our natural world, AURORA carries a lot on her shoulders and translates these woes into epic alternative similar to last year’s ‘Queendom’ and ‘Soft Universe’.

‘The Seed’ and its preceding single ‘Animal’ perfectly encapsulate AURORA’s intricate entwining of ecological issues with personal narratives. Clearly, these songs are as vital to this artist as water and sunlight itself and they flow out from her being just as naturally. Booming production quake against the brittle trill of her distinct Nordic vocals and evoke thoughts of Tori Amos and fellow world warrior Björk. She has a fascinating skill in managing to bring incredibly important, concerning subjects into her work and have the outcome.

Listen to 'The Seed' above and pre-order A Different Kind of Human here.