Beginning as a series of writhing glitterations, this glistening tract of music by soundular entity Auscultation soon gets itself a muted groove, pulsing kicks and cascades of additional glittery, chirruping synth sounds. Add clanking cymbals, toned-down handclaps, and a veiled barrage of phasing effects, and you have 'Promise You'll Haunt Me'. There's a minor breakdown where the groove changes tack at about 4:20 (what better time than that?) before the the original sounds rush back in, this time joined with skittering hi-hats. Again at 5:14 we move to this swirling patter of differentiation, greet the addition of some dusky, muffled chord syncopation, before the same groove returns. It's 100% what you might expect the sound would be of somebody wishing to be haunted, probably by a lover; the decayed quality, the creepy yet joyful tone of the melodies, the ectoplasmic merging of sounds, the hypnotic mundanity and perhaps descent into insanity – it all points to ghostly romantic activity.

The track is the opener to a cassette called L'étreinte Imaginaire ("The imaginary embrace" – very evocative), out 14th August on 100% Silk.

(Fun fact: "auscultation" is the practice of listening to the internal sounds of the body).