I LOVE TITS, debut single ‘Very Vampyr’, its rather good you know.  That’s Teenagers In Tokyo’s debut single, not anything rude you understand.  If you haven’t yet heard the Sydney youngsters, this cracking single, which was given its UK release earlier this year, is a good place to start.  B-side Robocat is a bit of a belter too. Sound wise, the mixed gender five piece storm the speakers like a hybrid posse of fellow Aussies Operator Please and Brazilian rompers Cansei Ser Sexy at their hip shaking best.  Whether Very Vampyr will be a contender for single of the year remains to be seen, bit I believe they have the prestigious ‘Best freebie given away with a single’ award well in the bag.  Check out the myspaz for the gold fang teethed necklace available with the 7”. Their furious, spunky, buzz-saw, punk-pop is what makes them a worthy second reason that it is indeed looking up down under. http://www.myspace.com/teenagersintokyo