It’s been a long road for this Sydney songstress, since the early days of singing along side her Trumpet playing Father at the age of six.  Clearly Lenka has always lived and breathed music and she simply oozes sweet melody.  Any of the tracks on her myspace will fill you with joy and her debut album released this year is a breezy, summer pop pearl. Sound wise, fans of Lykke Li will no doubt lap up her sugary bubblegum nuggets.  ‘Skip along’ in particular is a wonderful stroll in the park, which combines her effortlessly beautiful voice with that natural talent for a killer tune.  She may be an Aussie, but this is no skip along to a shrimp and burger barbie, its more akin to a country meadow picnic with a healthy supply of cucumber sandwiches and Mr Kiplings French Fancies. During my extensive scouting of exciting sounds down under, I always felt a lot of the bolder sounding rock bands I listened to had the potential for the big time.  Lenka I feared, would unfortunately have her gems heard mostly by the local Sydney area, or so I thought.  Just a few weeks ago as the E:News Channel blared away in our front room, I heard that Lenka’s self titled debut album had raided the top 10 most downloaded albums on American iTunes!  Unbelievable but well deserved of course. My favourite song ‘Force of nature’ doesn’t appear on the album but you can download it from the link below.  “Your completely bewitched caught under my spell” goes the chorus, well quite.  So turn on, sit back and don’t resist - Lenka’s spell has been cast.