Rock N Roll baby.  No Gameboy bleeps, synths, vocoders or trendy scarfs here friends.  Smashing out brain liquidisers in a similar fashion to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at their most accessible (See Weapon of choice or Need some air), the Perth boys offer a sound you can really sink your teeth into.  Lacing together the meaty riffs of early Vines with the cutting vocals of a super catchy Emo outfit, but without the eyeliner and faux emotional sincerity, they may not sound too trendy but give them a chance and you’ll be bedroom air guitaring and headbanging before you know it. Ok Soldiers, less words more sounds, I hope you’ll have love for ‘Now your old enough’ and ‘Jigsaw’, if not – GET DOWN AND GIVE ME FIFTY ON THE KNUCKLES YOU PANSIES!!!! Sugar Army now recruiting, challenging mental and physical experience, three square meals a day, good teambuilding, killer tunes.  Sign up today. Rich Melvin Now your old enough Video Jigsaw video Video Tracks to download here;