“Live, Cassette Kids’ explosive indie guitar fuzz causes sweat-drenched hysteria.”  Really.  Well, the ticket to Sydney is outside of my credit crunched fiscal parameters at the moment, so I’ll have to take their word for it.  Having heard them though, I don’t doubt it. “Damaging Dancefloors” is another audacious claim from the bands Myspace ‘About Us’ section, but again one can only tip the cap in acceptance that yeah, these are actually pretty killer tunes. The Sydney quartet have a sound that is perhaps best imagined by casting an eye over their top Myspazz friends.  Operator Please (female vocalist not afraid to belt out those feisty lyrics), Young & Restless (you’ll hear about them in the next Aussie Bands feature, needless to say there are very exciting too) and New Young Pony Club (funky beats) all provide decent comparisons to the accessible, guitar driven dance stomp that these down under people deliver. On Anywhere but home wild front woman Katrina warns “You can’t stop us from dancing, WOO!!”.  As long as gems like this, You take it and Acrobat keep churning out, I can’t see anyone trying to stand in the way of these funky Kids. Check out the video for You take it below.  Tell me you don’t like it, I dare you.  (nice jumper by the way Katrina!) YOU TAKE IT YOUTUBE VIDEO MYSPACE SITE HERE Rich Melvin