Lost Valentinos first popped on my radar when I heard the brilliance of the heartbeat altering pounder Man with the gun.  The fast paced juggernaut of a tune was an outstanding slice of Rock and or Roll, but things have changed… The bands output has changed drastically.  17 Deaths was the first example of their new psychedelic progressive sound.  It sounds like The Whip but layered with Late Of The Pier type hypnotic jibberlyrics.  Then came Bizmark another alt disco belter built from the same mould as fellow countrymen The Presets.  The Sun Rise Light Flies (by Kasabian) meets New Order wave of Serio is the bands latest offering.  Floating off into the stratosphere like Beatles partying with Chemical Brothers, its pretty cosmic duuuude.  With the 5 band members being named Condor, Jaguar, Snake, Piranha and Coyote what more would you expect from the Sydney madmen? At the end of the day they must be heard not read about, so check out their Myspace or the MP3’s below and make your own mind up.