Melbourne's Slum Sociable are less than a month from dropping their self-titled debut record and the anticipation is almost palpable now. On the duo's new single 'Moby Bryant,' moody instrumentals and evocative lyrics come together under one roof, offering a stunning preview at what's to come on the group's upcoming LP.

Featuring an eclectic mix of electronics, piano, and even some horns, the song delves into issues of complacency and stagnation. The song is decidedly darker than some of the band's other material, making it an interesting exploration of their skills and sound. The song's lyrical content is also bolstered by just how personal it is for the group.

Vocalist and percussionist Miller Upchurch recently opened up about his mental health struggles and, in turn, the band has devoted a great deal of time to raising aware about mental health issues. The closeness of this topic shows on 'Moby Bryant,' where Upchurch's powerful vocals press through the track's brooding instrumentals, crafted by bandmate Edward Quinn.

So check out Slum Sociable's 'Moby Bryant' below, and pre-order the band's upcoming LP here.