Austin, Texas is known as The Live Music Capital of the World. It's a very boastful claim and one that puts a lot of pressure on artists to not tread water. On their new single, 'Angels,' rising hip-hop duo Magna Carda make a case for being the next great thing to come out of Austin.

Even though 'Angels' runs a pretty economical three minutes, you'll likely need at least three plays to begin to absorb it. One for Dougie Do's production, which starts with a simple synth melody then blossoms with bass and trap percussion. Then one for Megz Kelli's lyrics and rapping, as she delivers confrontational and complex rhymes in a silky smooth manner. ("On the corner, a quick trip to the precinct/Are you listening or is it to the choir I'm preaching?") Then, just listen again, because it sounds so good together. Then, keep on listening as you hold your breath for Magna Carda to drop another bit of excellence.

Magna Carda have a new EP coming out later this month. Listen to 'Angels' above. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram