"All is fair in love and war" is a cliche that's been beaten into the metaphorical ground. We're living in a time that's considered post-facts, post-decency (and what feels like post-apocalyptic) where the concept of fair is just a construct. Who is to say what's fair anymore? At least we have the music to believe in and that's why we're grateful for Mookhi.

The Australian-based producer has teamed up with Billy Fox on the gritty stunner, 'Foul Play,' as the two embrace their skills to blend gritty vocals with escapist production. The single is lifted off her forthcoming EP, Lost & Found, out February 24.

"Foul Play was produced on a plane. With sleep deprivation and that sense of dislocation from anything rational, I started butchering some of my piano chords. From there grew a dark 89 layered track, with experimentation using different amps, effects and found samples (some recorded within plane trip itself). Back in Sydney I took the track to local artist, Billy Fox, who put down perfectly crafted vocals. His lyrics inspired my concept behind the upcoming film clip," she said. Listen below.