Recently, the music industry started to discuss a way of standardising release dates worldwide, and it was suggested that Fridays would be a pretty safe bet..

Now, the trade body which represents Australian record shops has come forward to back this plan, and since Friday is already the day records are released down under, it's not a huge sacrifice for them.

However, not everybody agrees: US indie label trade body A2IM and retailer Target want Tuesday to remain the release day, even if research suggests Friday is the best day for retailers since people tend to do their shopping at the end of the week. It's important to point out, though, that the Australian Music Retailers Association did not base their decision on commercial grounds and it still turned out great: "It made sense for the Australian industry then and it makes sense for the global industry now," said AMRA Executive Director Ian Harvey while talking to Billboard. "The decision to move to the Friday release date in Australia was not based on numbers and empirical evidence as [ERA Director General] Kim Bayley suggests it should be, but on the belief that retailers had to meet the needs of their customers and that for those customers Friday, Saturday and Sunday are shopping days."

Bayley also commented on the subject, saying ERA is "grateful for the input of the Australian Music Retailers Association and note their statement that their decision to embrace a switch to a Friday release date ænot based on numbers and empirical 'evidence' but on a 'belief' that it was a good idea. We would be very interested in any evidence that the switch to Friday in Australia has had any measurable benefits to justify that belief. Our position remains that with music sales sharply down in 2014 we would happily agree to a switch in release dates if there was a clear benefit, but without evidence of such a benefit, it is difficult to understand why the major record companies seem so determined to pursue this move."

What do you think?