After he released his first two tracks 'Similar Circles' and 'Tryst (feat. Hazel Brown)' earlier in the year to critical acclaim, Australian producer Tincture is streaming his debut EP Tryst today ahead of its release on 4th March via Silo Arts & Records. He's kept himself busy releasing various remixes and bootlegs, but on his first original offering he's shown himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Tryst brings together elements of UK garage, synth-pop, and a dash of shoegaze to create an atmosphere combining his love of two things that don't usually go together - video games and R&B. It focuses more on the artificial aspects of relationships, as he explains:

“I have a bad habit of idealising relationships, and the lyrics on the EP kind of reflect that. The lyrics in ‘Tryst’ are probably the best example - I wanted them to sound stereotypical and artificial because that’s the kind of love I was caught up in at the time".

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