Press Club are probably already old news to people living in their native Australia, as their storming punk has caught the attentions and imaginations of the alternative generation there. They've now been picked up by UK punk bastion of excellence Hassle Records, who will give their debut album Late Teens its UK/EU release on January 25th. They've also released the razor edged single and video 'Headwreck'.

The lead track immediately clasps your attention, and Press Club keep it throttled in their grip through two and a half minutes of wind-scorched, dynamic and heroic playing. The Melbourne foursome are in lock-step through 'Headwreck', from the breakneck beats to the undulating guitars and especially in Natalie Foster's fierce vocals leading the line with physical imagery and impact. When the band holds back and she asks "did you really think that you would get away from me tonight? Did you really think that you would make it out of here alive?" the effect is startling, and you realise you're completely at her mercy. Check out 'Headwreck' below.

Hassle Records will release Press Club's debut album Late Teens in Europe on January 25th - pre-order it here.