Stevan, the immensely talented singer-songwriter from Wollongong who shared a certified gem in 'Timee' earlier this year, is back with a romp through the sun on 'LNT.'

The song, whose title is short for "love and tenderness," ripples with late summer warmth -- complete with late '60s-style guitars -- as Stevan lovingly details what makes that special person in his life so significant.

According to Stevan, the song was written "in a terminal just before leaving [the] Brisbane airport this year." He says that 'LNT' is meant to capture some of his favorite moments from his time on the Sunshine Coast: "great weather, nice music and even better company."

As for the video, directed by Jordan Kirk, Stevan says that he had to trust his creative partner "especially with all the wacky outfits. But he came through as usual with something really cute and funny. It’s a nice change of pace from the 'Timee' video and shows off a goofy side that I’m keen on exploring more."

The song's themes are eternal, but the presentation on 'LNT' is as fresh as ever. Much like 'Timee,' Stevan has tapped into a sound and a feeling that holds a universal appeal. There aren't many artists as promising, impressive or down right enjoyable as this fresh-faced Australian.

You can stream 'LNT' above and continue to keep your eye on Stevan. He is destined to be one of best artists to debut in 2019.