Austrian rock quartet At Pavillon is starting off 2019 by releasing their final pre-album single ‘Believers’, which is lifted off their debut LP, Believe Us. The invigorating effort is filled with blistering guitars, fierce indie pop-rock sensibilities, and pulsating drums. The idyllic blend of effervescent instruments and lead vocalist Mwita Mataro’s fortifying vocals makes for a recipe of pure sonic magic.

‘Believers’ follows the group’s trio of 2018 singles, ‘All Eyes On You’, ‘Stop This War’, and ‘Lions’. This latest track is the type of indie rock endeavor that introduces a deliberate beginning before the fireworks are set off. The fourth single off Believe Us puts the four-piece act on an engaging path, one where all the lively components work in tandem quite well. Under the slick productions of penetrating guitars, mesmerizing bass lines, and gruff vocals, there’s something that lies even deeper underneath. At Pavillon achieves something entirely uplifting while spreading a commanding and terse political message of a call to action to the powerful and powerless. ‘Believers’ is an anthem in times of mayhem and confusion, directed to those wanting to make a change, in any regard, to rise to the occasion.

The band went onto share this about their fresh offering: "’Believers’ should empower the listener in their belief in themselves. ‘Believers’ is a call to stay optimistic, even in times when society is branding you naive."

Take your first listen to ‘Believers’ with the band’s music video below:

Formed in 2014, this assemblage of tight-knit friends is a product of the Vienna music scene. The group is the partnership of Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli (drums & backing vocals), Tobias Kobl (bass guitar & backing vocals), Bernhard Melchart (lead guitar & backing vocals) and Mwita Mataro (rhythm guitar & lead vocals). At Pavillon’s debut LP, Believe Us, is set for a January 25th release via LasVegas Records and you can pre-order it here.

At Pavillon Tour Dates:

17.01.2019 - Eurosonic / Groningen, Netherlands

19.01.2019 - FM4 Geburtstagsfest / Vienna, Austria

13.03.2019 - Zehner/München, Germany

14.03.2019 – Stuttgart / Merlin

15.03.2019 – Köln / Stereo Wonderland

16.03.2019 – Leipzig / Neues Schauspiel

18.03.2019 - Nochtwache/Hamburg, Germany

19.03.2019 – BREMEN / Tower Music Club

20.03.2019 - Badehaus / Berlin, Germany

23.03.2019 - Linz / Stadtwerkstatt

05.04.2019 - Mödling / Bühne mayer

25.04.2019 - Salzburg / Rockhouse

25.05.2019 - Dorbirn / Spielboden

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