Right, last time I ever offer to review a band without looking at their MySpace first. Not my cup of tea. autoKratz are a well-established London-based electronica duo, and have been touring and mixing for donkeys’ years, producing a highly acclaimed debut in 2008. I know very little of electro-synth-pop, as it goes, and this latest effort, Opposite of Love, wasn't unbearable.

You can tell these guys are following in a long tradition of dance and electro music, and it ticks a lot of boxes in the electronica arena. However personally, it brought a lot of clichés and few surprises. The songs themselves are excellent but the lyrics are dull and very, very repetitive.

The incredibly emo 'My Own Black Heart' is a marked shift in gear from the pacier tracks on the rest of the album, with an opening melody that sounds suspiciously like a keyboard version of the beginning of The Doors’ 'Light My Fire', and ends with the eerie wash of waves on a beach. Confusing, as I was on Brighton beach at a time.

But then it's straight back into more traditional dance music, which I cannot assess objectively. It makes my brain hurt. I'm certain that in a club or festival environment, with the right amount of 'help' flooding your system, it would work very well. The pop and dance aspects are strong, but they lack the emotional impact of, for instance, Hurts. The lyrics are either injunctions to dance (in ‘’R.I.S.E' where he says 'you've got to rise' for ever) or are whiny, expressing pain, loss and anti-establishment sentiment, but only through very clumsy metaphors.

The synth also feels dated to me, harking back to the nineties club scene. Bitching aside, the boys' experience is clear, moving easily from a very layered sound with plenty of strange background thrumming which trips you out a little, to a very sparse one with a bit of an 80s vibe to it.

In conclusion, I would definitely not recommend casually listening to dance music to anyone.