Even though Ava Luna released a record last year - the fantastic Electric Balloon - they've already got plans to release another one in 2015. Titled Infinite House, it drops on 4 May in the UK via Western Vinyl. So far the band have shared lead single 'Billz', and now album cut 'Coat of Shellac' has some accompanying visuals that were produced and edited by the band's own Felicia Douglass. About the video, she said:

"Coat of Shellac is about wishful thinking. The desire to protect someone or something can make you weak, but in the moment it's all you put your energy into." She continues, "The lyric video is mostly made of a series of 8-bit gifs from video stills. I chose to use stripped down versions of the footage covered in transparent shapes and layers to mimic fluttering levels of vulnerability. The switch to live footage depicts the jittery anticipation leading to victory. The lyrics are meant to be delusional at times. It feels so good to fix something, even if it's temporary. (As a dancer I used to put coats of shellac on my pointed shoes to increase their longevity, but I knew it was only a quick fix)."

You can watch the 'Coat of Shellac' video and stream 'Billz' below.

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