It's kind of strange to think that Avelino is only now releasing his debut EP, because it seems like he's been doing it forever. It's not necessarily his first project, however - back in 2014 he released his highly praised Iconic Ambition mixtape and at the tail end of last year, joined forced with fellow north Londoner Wretch 32 for the Young Fire, Old Flame project, but FYO (which rather charmingly stands for 'Fuck Your Opinion') appears to be refining his talents while also allowing room for experimentation.

Executively produced by Raf Riley (both are members of Labrinth's Odd Child collective alongside Etta Bond and The Hics), FYO sees Avelino deliver his signature laid-back, hazy flow, deep tones and quick witted bars that often fly straight over listener's heads, showcased against a musical backdrop not usually explored by a rapper. And as the title would suggest, Avelino doesn't really care what people think.

Speaking to Pigeons & Planes, Avelino explained: "To me this EP is like the first day at college when you have to introduce yourself to your new classmates and I'm basically standing up at the front of the class and saying I wanna be the greatest student. It's a perfect example of where I'm at right now, creatively."

A five-track edition of FYO is currently available as a free download from his official website. From Monday, April 11, it will be released via iTunes with two bonus tracks. Avelino brings his Young Fire, Old Flame show to London's Koko on May 12 alongside Wretch 32. Limited tickets are available now.