Fast-rising rockers Average Sex recently announced their second EP Melodie for release on August 17th. Along with that they released the ultra infectious 'Ne M'Oublie Pas', and today we have the pleasure of bringing you two more tracks, 'Melodie' and 'Sociopath' along with their kaleidoscopic double video.

Average Sex's Laetitia tells us about the genesis, saying "After recording our new EP at the Charlatans’ studio with Tim Burgess and James Spencer to be released on their label O Genesis, my friends Simon Milner (from Is Tropical and Sälen) and Will Francis offered to make a Michel Gondry and B-movies inspired music video with homemade costumes. Simon had already directed very fun videos for great bands like Wolf Alice, so it was easy to convince the rest of Average Sex. By chance, my mum, French actress Agnès Soral, was visiting at the time of the filming, so she ended up playing the part of the killer. Yes, the crazy woman with a sword is my mother!"

The clip for 'Melodie/Sociopath' was directed by Simon Milner and Will Francis, who say "[we] decided to select two tracks from the Average Sex EP to help our narrative. Inspired by The Banana Splits, a 1960s flower power band of animals and cheap slasher films we wanted to make something silly. We never really had a solid plan, just made some animal costumes and found a greenscreen room. Luckily for us Laetitia's mum is a famous french actress, so she brought a bit of class to the promo."

The clip is indeed very silly, but the sheer effervescence of the songs matches the clip's riotous nonsense. Each of the band members gives it their all, dancing around a bedroom while being dressed in outfits that look like they were used in a secondary school production of The Jungle Book - but are all upstaged by Laetitia's mother who literally slashes her way into the scene, leaving no animal left alive. Average Sex's previous single, 'Ne M'Oublie Pas', translates to "don't forget me" - and after this video, we certainly won't. Check out 'Melodie/Sociopath' below.

Average Sex have been living out the broke rocker lifestyle in the last few weeks, and enjoying the heck out of it by the sounds of it. Sam tells us:

"The last few weekends we’ve been living out of a van and cheap hotels playing festivals and shows up and down the country, its our first festival season and been pretty hectic but its been amazing to play to so many people and alongside some great bands. For me the highlight so far was playing Kendal Calling, we were on at the same time as The Libertines so we weren’t sure if we’d be playing to anyone but we had a massive crowd and even had a stage invader who knew all the words to Ice Cream, It was crazy seeing how many people knew the words to our songs. The new EP is out in a couple of weeks and we’ll be having a release party at the Old Blue Last (23rd Aug) and playing festivals up until September."

Get the full info on those upcoming dates on Average Sex's facebook page.