These two Animal Collective members have shared a free digital split 12" called Psycho Actives Vol. 1, in a nicely pagan recognition of the Spring Equinox, marking the transitioning of our world from cold winter to the fresh and renewing spirit of spring.

Avey Tare's side, 'Tape Player Chants For Winter' is an assortment of ghostly and sometimes hymnal singing set to varying looped instrumentals in varying states of decay. A kind of slacker soundtrack to piles of snow at the roadside, summoning the delicate beauty of winter whilst feeling at the same time like sonic illustrations for what a drag it can be: it's cold all the time, your fingers get chilly, it gets dark really early.

And then we move into spring. Richer, warmer sounds emanate from Geologist's side, 'Stretching Songs For Spring'; generally more upbeat (but still creepingly experimental at times), it feels like an awakening, the world yawning as flowers open up and blossom begins to appear. Lots of bleepy melodies here, in amongst which the vocals of the hitherto unknown Tickley Feather echo with lo-fi liquidity and understated prettiness. Listen to both sides in the tweet embedded below.

You can download each of these for free from SoundCloud.