At the very start of this video, Tim Bergling aka Avicii gets his feet wet in the sea, with his shoes still on – we know that's a terrible feeling. However, this video isn't about terrible feelings, on the contrary it's actually a booming, Avicii-created cover of 'Feeling Good' with Audra Mae on vocals.

Made in collaboration with Volvo as part of what they're calling their New Beginning series/campaign, Avicii was approached by the fellow Swedish company to create the soulful cover, as well as talk about his feelings of renewal and new beginnings, analogous to their own it seems: "I don't think I've had the time to really sit back and just, like, look at what's really happened," said the producer. "It doesn't feel real."

In the video he wanders deeply personal locations, Stockholm and Osterlen, in his home country of Sweden, whilst the new Volvo XC90 also makes an appearance, representing a transformative step for the car manufacturers in the direction of customer-focused refinement.

Watch it below.