On April 15, Awesome Tapes From Africa will reissue Eritrean singer and multi-instrumentalist Awalom Gebremariam's Desdes album (2007) on digital, vinyl and CD formats. In advance of the release, they've shared his song 'Aadu' on soundcloud.

The purveyor of an infectious take on Eritrean Tigrinya-language Bahlawi music, Awalom arrived in the USA at age 28, after a years-long journey from Eritrea, time spent in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, and obtaining asylum status for passage to America. However, before he left his hometown, Eritrea's capital Asmara, Awalom made his first and only recording so far, Desdes.

Due to completing it just before he departed Eritrea in 2007, Awalom missed out on financial proceeds from CD and cassette sales. After he left, the songs began to grow in popularity and connect with a local audience. While they appear to be meditations on love, his songs aren't focused on romantic love per say, as much of the music he heard growing up with inextricably intertwined with Eritrea's difficult and contentious split from Ethiopia.

Now 29, Awalom lives in North Carolina and works at a local restaurant. He plans to bring his music to Eritrean communities across North America. He also hopes to connect newer listeners with whom he hopes his powerful sounds and remarkable journey will deeply resonate. At present, you can stream 'Aadu' via SoundCloud. You can also pre-order Desdes on LP, CD and Digital formats here (US / UK)